Every year thousands of animals disappear from their homes. Most owners are devastated when they are unable to find their beloved animals. It is a terrible feeling when you can’t find your animals. Unfortunately, it happens more often than it should.

There is one way to help! By microchipping your animals, you can avoid the feeling of loss if your animals were to go missing.

Here at Swannack Veterinary Services, we are proud to offer microchipping to keep our clients’ animals safe. It is a safe procedure that inserts a tiny chip underneath your animal’s skin. The procedure is quick and relatively painless.

Once a microchip is implanted, owners need to register their vital information into a database. Anytime animals are lost, a veterinarian or shelter will scan them, hoping to be able to return them back to you!

Save yourself the heartache and stress of a lost animal. Microchips bring animals home. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (509) 257-2230.